Even though the only one who appears in this pic with me is my bro, Mickey, I wanted to dedicate it to all my beloved ones: family, friends.. All of the people that  make me feel nice and happy when im with them and when I´m not have the power to make me think of them every sinle every moment!! All of them are the ones who are really worth it and have part of my heart for them!
The meaning of this post is exclusively  to thank you all for making every day better and make me love you more with every action! Mum, Dad, Tete, Angela, Ali, Sophi, Yai, Marina, Ju, Sonia, Bros, Clari, Anita, Nere of course Sara thank you all and there´s no need to say I LOVE YOU because you allready know that.
Thanks for making a day so important and significant in my life exceptional and you´ll always be in my heart! loveuuuuu <3

in the pic i show part of my b,day presents: Dr. Martens boots,  Rihanna´s CD: LOUD (Ali and Angela´s gift), Vogage to LONDON (thanks mummy), Blackberry: finally decent phone! Thanks daddy!!

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