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This saturday both of us assisted to the presentation of Kenzo´s new perfume at the official shop of Prieto at the centre of our city! We had a great time with all the crew who´s make-up was inspired on Japan, the DJ didn´t stop playing music during the whole event!!


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Last Wednesday some of my friends and me went to the IVAM museum to visit a new exhibition.
We didn´t quite enjoyed it and the main reason was cause we dind´t understood very clearly what was the message the artist wanted to transmit, at least if he was trying to transmit something (jajajajajajajaja....)
However we had great time watching some parts like the wall that was full of magazine and newsspapers! Around the exhibition (if you looked carefully) you could find interesting things like for example Nietzche´s quote that said: "we know the price of everything, but of nothing the value".
When we had most fun was when we left the exhibition just before supper at the streets, we laughed and ran around and met new friends like the cute doggy on the pic!!!!!


I took this photos with my bros´camera when i was returning home from school, it was such a tyring day!! I´ve finally finished my global exams today!! No more till next term, now I´m waiting anxious for next thursday cause... I´m going to LONDON!!! Can´t wait!!

Live, Laugh, Love

This image was done for my last fashion project which was centred on lingerie!!
I had to have a sensual gesture in my face but really I couldn´t stop laughing during the whole photo shoot!! jajajajaja



I took this pictures with my feather hairband which i love!! I had no make up on i´m only wearing my new pale pink Kiko lipstik which is on the photo above!
I bought some skin cleanising stuff to take care of my skin! Kiko is a great italian make-up brand which sells also products for skin care, everything for a very reasonable price!


Last week from my iPhone point of view



  The photos below are from yesterday night, when Andrea celebrated her 17th birt-day. 


Sara and Andrea in love with cupcakes.

All those pictures have been taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram. Follow me on instagram and I will follow you back :) @saragago



Even though the only one who appears in this pic with me is my bro, Mickey, I wanted to dedicate it to all my beloved ones: family, friends.. All of the people that  make me feel nice and happy when im with them and when I´m not have the power to make me think of them every sinle every moment!! All of them are the ones who are really worth it and have part of my heart for them!
The meaning of this post is exclusively  to thank you all for making every day better and make me love you more with every action! Mum, Dad, Tete, Angela, Ali, Sophi, Yai, Marina, Ju, Sonia, Bros, Clari, Anita, Nere of course Sara thank you all and there´s no need to say I LOVE YOU because you allready know that.
Thanks for making a day so important and significant in my life exceptional and you´ll always be in my heart! loveuuuuu <3

in the pic i show part of my b,day presents: Dr. Martens boots,  Rihanna´s CD: LOUD (Ali and Angela´s gift), Vogage to LONDON (thanks mummy), Blackberry: finally decent phone! Thanks daddy!!
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